Quantec Geophysics of Toronto has completed a combined IP/resistivity survey at the Atlanta Gold Project. Both the IP results and a previous magnetic survey have been processed into a 3D model by Quantec. This model, in conjunction with additional geological and geochemical investigations, has provided the Company with promising drill targets. Based on the IP survey results, the chargeability anomaly suggests that the Atlanta Porphyry maybe larger than previously interpreted and extends further to the north.

The Pit Area


Western Knolls

Historical Geophysics
A number of geophysical surveys were conducted by Gold Fields Resources during their exploration program:

  • Ground magnetics
  • Audio Magneto Tellurics (AMT)
  • Induced polarization / resistivity
  • Radiometric surveys

Kinross Gold had the magnetic and resistivity data reprocessed by an outside consultant. Cordilleran Exploration purchased aerial magnetic data. Regional gravity data is also available.

In particular, both the ground magnetic and AMT / resistivity data have been helpful to current exploration efforts, as the ground magnetic compilation shows that the gold-bearing porphyry correlates well with a magnetic anomaly north of the pit area, and the AMT / resistivity data shows traces of the Atlanta Fault beyond the pit area where it dips below recent surface cover.