• County maintained roads that link the project with both Ely and Pioche
  • Electric power provided by a 15-mile line to the site
  • A company owned substation that provides 23,000 volts, 3-phase electricity
  • A private water well, 10 miles to the west in Lake Valley, that delivers water to the project via a 6” water pipeline.  The water rights are ample to support eventual production
  • A telephone landline provides both voice and data services
  • A 48’ X 60’ modular building, which is being used for crew quarters during the exploration phase.  The building includes a full kitchen and living facilities for a crew of 18.  It is adequate for both drill crews and exploration staff and can be re-configured to serve as a future mine office
  • An office which is currently being used for data storage and sample preparation, as well as management needs

The Atlanta Gold Project is located in Lincoln County, which is a high desert with warm summers and cold, dry winters.  It is 4.5 hours north of Las Vegas and 5 hours southwest of Salt Lake City.  The closest cities are Ely and Pioche, Nevada.  Both are sources of supplies, fuel and labour.

The current infrastructure eliminates the need for staff to commute to either Ely or Pioche and allows for year-round operation at the project.